The Mask of Life Chamber was built by the Great Beings and is where the Kanohi Ignika stayed for over 100,000 years.

This area has several lines of defense, which are listed below:

The Zone of Nightmares recreates any being's worst nightmare - in the case of the Piraka, it created the monstrous Irnakk

A room where the recorded voice of one of the Great Beings told the Inika one of their number had to die in order for them to pass. Matoro volunteered, as he wasn't a warrior like the others, but immediately after he died he was returned to life. They were informed it was the willingness to sacrifice oneself and not the cold fact of death that mattered.

  • Various other defenses

The Piraka encountered a few other obstacles on their way to the mask, including jets of fire, a mutagen pool, and entrapping cylinders. If all worked together they could get out of the cylinders, but if one acted alone he and the team would be dumped into the water and fire trap.

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