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Some of the contents of this article are non-canon, meaning that they are not a part of the BIONICLE story. Be warned that this article is about as true as Maku's love for Hewkii.

Item Information
Primary User(s)Hahli
Primary LocationMata Nui
FunctionalitiesOpening a Wahi's temple

The Charms were small stones with carvings on them symbolizing the Virtues, Principles, and Skills of the Matoran. After the defeat of the Bohrok-Kal and the initiation of the Kohlii Tournament on Mata Nui, Hahli collected the charms and used them to get the six Crystals.

Each village on Mata Nui had three or four charms associated with it, one or two representing that village's Virtue or Virtues, one representing the Principle of that village, and another symbolizing the Skill that its Matoran focused on. These charms acted as the keys to their respective Wahi's Temple. For example, the charms of Unity, Purity, and Speed were needed to unlock the three doors inside the Temple of Purity, where she then recovered the Crystal of Purity.