Charred Forest
MNOG Charred Forest
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Former ResidentsRahi
MakutaTeridax (formerly)

The Charred Forest was once a diverse jungle, a section of Ta-Wahi.


It was charred by Makuta Teridax in one of his early attacks on the Matoran of Mata Nui. Kapura often practiced here. It was easy to get lost, so Takua marked his way.

The Ignalu Ta-Matoran racers would get their lavaboards from here, as they would not burn when placed in lava. Tahu also owned a board like this before getting his Magma Swords.

The Battle of the Charred Forest during the Matoran-Rahi War took place here. It was during this battle that the forest was blackened.

After the Toa Nuva freed the Bahrag from their Toa Seal, the Bohrok swarms were unleashed again and completed their mission of cleaning Mata Nui. The Charred Forest was destroyed at this time.


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