The Chronicler's Company was a temporary group of Matoran formed and led by Takua to protect the Kini-Nui while the Toa Mata descended into Mangaia. One Matoran from each element came, nearly half of them the misfits of their home villages.


Each Matoran showed a unique skill that helped the group get to Kini-Nui (Macku's sailing, Taipu's strength, etc.). They fought off the multiple waves of Rahi that attacked the Kini-Nui, but when they started to fail, defense teams from other villages came to help. In the end, the Matoran defended Kini-Nui long enough for the Toa to defeat Teridax. Later at the end of the Matoran Universe, Taipu was rescued from fallen debris by Macku and Tamaru. Seeing Kopeke rescuing other Onu-Matoran, Taipu came up with the idea of the four Matoran (The location of Kapura and Hafu was unknown to them) reforming the company to evacuate the Matoran Universe.


Chronicler's Company
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