Let me guess, you call him "Click."
Kiina to Mata Nui
TLR. Movie. Click2
Biographical Information
Species Scarabax beetle
Mask None
Colors Purple, blue
Element/Powers None
Homeland Bara Magna
Occupation Pet and living weapon
Tools Mandibles
Location Spherus Magna (Reformed)
Status Alive
Pronunciation KLIK
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Click is a Scarabax beetle living on Bara Magna.


When the Kanohi Ignika first landed on Bara Magna, a Scarabax beetle was watching the mask. Then it called for the other Scarabax Beetles nearby. All of them got closer to the mask, but when one of them touched it, the Kanohi shone. All but one of them ran away, and it watched, amazed at how the body of Mata Nui was being created. When Mata Nui started walking, he almost stepped on Click, then Mata Nui held his foot inches away from him, and Click touched his mask, causing him to transform into the Scarabax Shield.

After that, a Vorox appeared and Mata Nui had to fight it. Fortunately, the Vorox´s tail broke because of hitting the shield, causing him to run away frightened. Later, Metus arrived in the Thornatus V9 and Mata Nui took the Vorox´s tail to use as a weapon. After the fight in Vulcanus, Ackar took Mata Nui to his cave where he had his weapons, which were mainly shields. Kiina appeared and named the Scarabax "Click" as a joke, but Mata Nui liked the name.

Click traveled with Mata Nui wherever he went, even to Roxtus to help Mata Nui fight against the mighty Tuma. After defeating him Metus showed up and revealed he was the traitor. Mata Nui let Click escape and he brought hundreds of Scarabax beetles which took the form of Malum to fight against the Skrall. After the Glatorian defeated the Skrall, Metus was transformed into a snake by Mata Nui, and he tried to take revenge on him. Fortunately, Click and the other Scarabax confronted and defeated him.

CF Scarabax 5 04 09

Click as a set

Mata Nui gave Click to Kiina after taking control of the Prototype Robot.


After meeting Mata Nui and touching the Ignika, Click gained the ability to transform into the Scarabax Shield at will. In shield form, he no longer had a nervous system, making it impossible for him to feel pain when hit. When Click was in shield form, his two eyes were on the front of the shield, so he could see everything as well.

Set Information[]

  • Click was released as a Brickmaster set in Summer 2009.
  • Click was also available from for the UK and select other countries.
  • Click was once also available in the UK by buying BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn from HMV.
  • The Legend Reborn's director Mark Baldo named Click.



  • Originally, Click was supposed to turn into the Scarabax Shield and then remain that way. That idea was discarded in favor of Click turning back and forth from shield to beetle.
  • Click was voiced by Frank Welker in The Legend Reborn.