Cliff Screecher
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Species Information
WeaponsProbably None
Species StatusUnknown

Cliff Screechers were a bat-like Rahi, and one of the last of its kind on Odina.


Cliff Screechers were given this name because of the screeching sound they make as they were about to dive for their prey. They used to live on the island of Odina where a legend say that they were said to be incapable to be killed, since its spirit was housed somewhere else thus making it immortal.

It is unknown weather or not if they migrated to Spherus Magna along with other Rahi species or if they are extinct.

Abilities and Traits[]

Cliff Screechers usually settled near the high cliffs on Odina's coasts as the cliffs were their hunting ground. They would attack anything that try to attempted to scale the high cliffs by swiftly diving down to its prey with a loud screech. They would then knock over its prey down the cliffs, swoop down and catch its prey, place it back onto the cliff surface and repeated this process over and over again until the prey died of shock and/or fear.


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