Colony Drone
Colony Drone
Species Information
GroupVisorak, Rahi
ColorsDark Red, Dark Green, Orange, Black
WeaponsSpears, energy-filled Rhotuka spinners
Species StatusAlive

There has to be another way. I refuse to believe the only way we can beat the Visorak is to behave like them. The drones are not responsible for all this. They should not have to suffer for it.
— Rahaga Norik, BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts

Colony Drones were small bipedal Rahi that lived near the Coliseum on Metru Nui.


Colony Drones were captured by the Brotherhood of Makuta around after the Makuta fought and conquered the Visorak horde. They were forced by the Visorak to use their Rhotuka spinners to 'feed' the spider-like creatures. Wherever the Visorak went, they brought the Colony Drones with them and had them penned up in webbed-like containers and guarded. They were completely docile and did not object to their treatment at the Visorak's hands (either because they were not intelligent enough to comprehend their situation or because they feared the horde too much to resist).

During Visorak hordes' invasion of Metru Nui; Rahaga Iruini and Bomonga had once debated on whether or not to have a group of Metru Mantis to attack the enslaved Colony Drones in order to weaken the Visorak hordes; however, Rahaga Norik and Gaaki objected to this suggestion, saying once that happened the Drones would be easy prey, as the Drones were harmless Rahi.

In another unknown invasion, Toa Chiara had once snuck into a Visorak horde's camp and electrocuted a group of Colony Drones to prevent the Visorak from feeding on their energy. She then killed the hungry spiders individually (when the hordes were forced to find other sources of food).

Some time later, when all of the Visorak hordes were drawn to Artidax by the Heart of the Visorak and were killed by a volcanic eruption. The Drones were released from the hordes' control; however, their freedom was very short when Makuta Teridax (in Mata Nui's body) had revived and recreated the Visorak hordes and recaptured them again (to re-support the Visorak).

After Teridax's death, the Colony Drones migrated to Spherus Magna along with other Rahi species.

Set Information[]

The Colony Drone can be built using the pieces of sets from 4877 Norik, 4878 Bomonga, and 4879 Iruini.


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