Comet Ball
Item Information
Primary User(s)
Primary LocationMata Nui
FunctionalitiesGive Matoran an illness
They only started trading them recently at the bazaar. I don't know where they get them, but whoever carved them is truly a master.
Epena, MNOG

Comet Balls were a very popular brand of Kolhii Ball sold in Po-Koro by Ahkmou, a Po-Matoran servant of Makuta's, in Po-Koro. They appeared as a normal stone boulder except for subtle greenish stains like on some infected Kanohi. However, unbeknownst to all but Ahkmou and Teridax, the balls were infected with Makuta's darkness by Kraata, causing every Po-Matoran who bought and used one to fall ill. Almost all of Po-Koro fell to this plague, which Turaga Onewa called 'the Madness'.

Takua, recently given the position of Chronicler, later found out the true purpose of the Comet balls, and Turaga Onewa was notified. Takua then set out to find where the Comet balls were coming from, only to find a Nui-Jaga in the cave he discovered that hid them. Toa Pohatu then arrived to help; they battled and defeated the Nui-Jaga, causing the cave to collapse and ending the threat and production of Comet Balls. The remaining Comets were dumped in the sea, where they would harm no one.

Set Info[]

A Comet Ball is included in the 2001 set 8531 Pohatu.