Death of a Hero

Death of a Hero.jpg

November 2007
Comic #
Alex Bleyaert
Rob Clark Jr.
Art Director/Design
Toby Dutkiewicz
Michael Wright
Asst. Editor
Jessical Numsuwankijkul

Death of a Hero was the Eleventh comic in the BIONICLE Ignition series. It came out in November 2007, and was the last issue of the Sea of Darkness half of Ignition. It was published by DC comics and LEGO.


Matoro announces that something must be done about Mata Nui's recent death, that all is not over. Jaller tells Matoro to go on ahead, while the others buy him time by fighting the Barraki and their armies. Matoro accepts and vows his friends' sacrifice will not be in vain. He sees that Voya Nui is falling into a hole in the ocean floor, and swims as fast as possible to make it in before Voya Nui seals the hole.

Meanwhile, Hydraxon comes across Spinax and the body of Maxilos, irreparably damaged by what seemed to be a battle with the Barraki. There is no sign of Teridax, who had inhabited the robot.

Elsewhere, the Toa Mahri are distracting the Barraki from what Matoro is doing by engaging in a battle with them. Jaller summons the energy for a Nova Blast in an attempt to kill them all and save Matoro. Matoro barely outswims the island, arriving at Karda Nui, where a mysterious voice instructs him to put on the Ignika. He does so, and his body is turned into raw energy which is used to bring Mata Nui back to life, but killing Matoro in the process. As part of Matoro's dying wish, the rest of the Toa Mahri are all transported home, to Metru Nui. Matoran everywhere rejoice at the revival of the Great Spirit.

After Jaller barely forces down the energy he summoned for a Nova Blast, Turaga Vakama greets the Toa and reveals to them that Matoro has died.



  • This was the last comic that Stewart Seygar did for the Bionicle series.
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