I have been high-flying a lot longer than you bat-winged losers. Now free my friends or I light things up.
— Lewa Nuva to Antroz
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Comic 12.5
Issue Information
Alternate title
WriterGreg Farshtey
SeriesBIONICLE: Ignition
Battle for Power
Number in series12.5
Previous comicComic 12: Realm of Fear
Next ComicComic 13: Swamp of Shadows

BIONICLE Comic 12.5 was the short script of a mini-comic set between Comic 12: Realm of Fear and Comic 13: Swamp of Shadows of the BIONICLE: Ignition series. It was released exclusively on


Lewa and Tanma flee from the Makuta. The Av-Matoran insists they return and fight, but the Toa of Air has learned the hard way from past experience that mere enthusiasm is insufficient to win a fight. What they need is some strategic thinking. Makuta Antroz taunts the two, casting his mocking voice all around them. The Makuta attempts to engulf them in a veil of shadows, but Lewa's Air powers dissipates the encroaching darkness. Antroz remains with the captured and unconscious Kopaka, Solek, Pohatu, and Photok, gloating over his victory and how he has set up a seemingly impossible scenario. The four prisoners are held in the air by a set of Shadow chains generated by the Makuta. Should he be defeated, the chains will dissolve, dropping all four to the distant ground far, far below. Despite the villain's cunning, Lewa simply punches him in the face. Shooting a light blast from his Midak Skyblaster, Lewa awakens Pohatu, then renews his assault against Antroz. When the Makuta loses concentration, the reawakened Toa of Stone flies through the air with super-speed, managing to catch his other three allies. The reunited group runs away again, hoping that Tahu and the other Toa are doing better in the swamp far below.

To be continued in BIONICLE #13, this July!


  • Greg Farshtey - Writer
  • Artist - None
  • Colorist - None
  • Letterer - None








You friend will be here to join you soon...Toa are too noble, too brave, and too stupid not to rush right to their dooms. When he arrives, he will see that if he did defeat me, the chains I made would vanish--and all four of you would fall. Teridax says we need you alive...he never said undamaged. Perhaps Chirox and Vamprah will let you bounce once or twice before retrieving you...
— Antroz never rained Matoran on Mata Nui.
— Pohatu Nuva



  • This comic picks up immediately after the events of the previous issue.
  • On page one, Lewa mentions a incident involving an infected Kanohi and a Krana. He is referring to the time when he was briefly controlled by an infected mask in the Mata Nui Online Game and his subsequent control by a Krana in Comic 6: Into the Nest.

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