My life doesn't matter. Your life doesn't matter. Only the great Plan matters, and it will--it must!--succeed.
Makuta Gorast to Gali Nuva
Bionicle Ignition -13
Comic 13: Swamp of Shadows
Issue Information
Alternate title
WriterGreg Farshtey
IllustratorLeigh Gallagher
ColorerUlises Arreola
LettererSal Cipriano
SeriesBIONICLE: Ignition
Battle for Power
ReleasedJuly 2008
Number in series13
Previous comicComic 12.5
Next ComicComic 14: Endgame

Swamp of Shadows was the thirteenth issue in the relaunched BIONICLE: Ignition comic series, and the second comic in the Battle for Power sub-series. It was originally mailed with the July/August 2008 edition of the LEGO Club Magazine, and was later collected in the graphic novel BIONICLE 7: Realm of Fear. It was jointly published by DC Comics and LEGO. This issue saw the Toa Nuva confront the Brotherhood of Makuta in the swamps of Karda Nui.


In the skies of Karda Nui, the Toa Nuva and their Av-Matoran partners battle the Brotherhood of Makuta and their Shadow Matoran allies. The fight between light and shadow is fierce, but it is not the only one being engaged. Far below, in the murky swamps beneath the Phantoka, the Makuta await...

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  • Greg Farshtey - Writer
  • Leigh Gallagher - Artist
  • Ulises Arreola - Colorist
  • Sal Cipriano - Letterer
  • Toby Dutkiewicz - Art Director/Design
  • Jessica Numsuwankijkul - Editor








Do you know why we Makuta hate Toa so much? It's because you are what we could only pretend to be, once upon a time--heroes who do good for no reward. And so we call you fools, and even slay you...Because we cannot be you.
— Makuta Krika to Tahu Nuva, in a surprisingly candid moment
No one can stand before Gorast, ruler of the Tron Krom Peninsula, Mistress of the Acid Falls, conqueror of the Visorak!"
"Oh no? Then I'll just have to beat you sitting down.
— Makuta Gorast and Gali Nuva
Mercy isn't a sign of weakness, Gorast, but of wisdom. Any fool can kill--I'm sure you're proof of that. Oh, by the way, I've increased the amount of water in the ground beneath your feet--Might want to watch your step.
— Gali Nuva, dispenser of wisdom and snark

Extra Features[]

  • Comic middle: Showdown in the Swamp! section discusses the "Mistika" sets 8689 Tahu Nuva, 8688 Gali Nuva, 8695 Gorast, 8694 Krika, 8690 Onua Nuva, and 8696 Bitil.
  • Rear cover: Advertisement for the "Battle for Power" game at



  • This issue partially adapts the events covered in BIONICLE Legends 10: Swamp of Secrets.
  • Makuta Antroz and Lewa Nuva are briefly seen battling at the start of this issue, as seen in previous comics.
  • The Midak Skyblasters are mentioned to wield Light attacks against the Makuta, who are beings of Shadow.
  • The Swamp of Secrets appears for the first time, having been created by the water leaking in from above Karda Nui.
  • The Kanohi Ignika is mentioned by an editor's note as having fashioned a body for itself, as seen in Comic 12: Realm of Fear.
  • The front of the Codrex prominently features a Vitruvian-Man type image, the same as seen on the Kanohi Ignika.
  • Gali Nuva finds one of the Keystones needed to open the Codrex. The Toa Nuva's search for these Keystones is given more coverage in BIONICLE Legends 10: Swamp of Secrets.
  • Takanuva arrives in the swamp via a portal from Order of Mata Nui member Brutaka's Kanohi Olmak.


  • On page nine, one of Makuta Gorast's dialogue bubbles is accidentally given to Gali Nuva.

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