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Comic 14: Endgame

Comic 14: Endgame chronicles the next part of the Toa Nuva and "Toa" Ignika's quest to awaken Mata Nui.


Gali, having been defeated in an early battle with the Krika, is being carried away by him. He then tells Gali to leave Karda Nui because if the Toa Nuva complete their destiny and awaken Mata Nui, they will live to see a horible future of darkness. However, Takanuva arrives and rescues Gali; Krika retreats into the swamp.

Later, when the Toa Nuva, Takanuva, and the newly arrived Toa Ignika get together to decide what to do next, Takanuva tells them that when Mata Nui awakens, deadly Energy Storms will destroy everything in Karda Nui. The Toa and the Ignika then launch one last massive attack on the Makuta, in the battle Lewa and Gali create a thunderstorm and Takanuva adds his elemental powers to the battle too.

Spotting an opening in the battle, Tahu puts the six Keystones they collected into the Codrex. With the protective barrier down, the Toa Nuva fly inside the Codrex. However, just before Tahu puts the shield back up, Makuta Antroz slips in, although he is unnoticed. The Toa Nuva end up in a room with machinery and six slots in the floor, and Kopaka realizes that they must have been kept here in their Toa Canisters years ago. Onua then pushes a button on a control pannel, which makes the floor of the Codrex lower into another hiden chamber.

At the bottom of the Codrex, three silver bubbles rise up and break open to reveal the Rockoh T3, the Jetrax T6, and the Axalara T9. Kopaka is about to board the Jetrax T9, when Antroz flies down and steals the vehicle from the him, using the vehicle to act as his eyes. Pohatu riding with the Rockoh T3, and Lewa with the Axalara T9, chase Antroz through a maze of tunnels inside the Codrex until they exit the Codrex.

Pohatu tries to stop the Jetrax T6 with stone spikes and a stone fist, but Antroz dodges them and shoots down Pohatu with the Jetrax T6's Midak Skyblasters. Lewa pilots the Axalara T9 into a powerdive with the Jetrax T6 and tells Antroz that only one of them will survive this clash. Antroz then tells him that it will be him and charges at the Toa.


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