Comic 17: Disks of Danger
Comic Information
Alternate titleAlternate title
WriterGreg Farshtey
IllustratorRandy Elliott
ColorerPete Pantazis
LettererKen Lopez
SeriesMetru Nui
ReleasedMarch 2004
Number in series17
Previous comicComic 16: Toa Metru!
Next ComicComic 18: Seeds of Doom

Disks of Danger is the seventeenth comic and the second in the BIONICLE: Metru Nui series.

Plot SummaryEdit

Onewa threatens to leave the Matoran if either Nuhrii or Ahkmou run off again. Onewa, Vakama, and the Matoran Ahkmou and Nuhrii search for the Ta-Metru Great Disk in the Fire Pits.

While Onewa leads the Vahki away, Vakama and Nuhrii go down into one pit when the fires it houses died down, and retrieve the Great Disk. But Morbuzakh vines grab them on their way out. Nuhrii uses a Kanoka Disk with the power of Reconstitute At Random on the vines; the shock of transforming makes the vines let go. They escape, chased by the monstrously reconstituted vine, just in time before the pits fires erupt again.

Elsewhere, Whenua and Nuju enter the wrong room while searching the Archives for the Onu-Metru Great Disk, and find themselves being attacked by a Giant Mutant Ussal Crab. They escape by forcing it to let them go with the high-frequency sound generated by Whenua's Earthshock Drills.

Meanwhile, in Le-Metru, based upon Orkahm's information, Matau enters a Force Sphere to retrieve the Le-Metru Great Disk, only narrowly escaping with the Disk before it implodes, using his Air powers. Nokama had already found her Great Disk.

Whenua and Nuju go to Ko-Metru and find the disk, while being pursued by Vahki and Onewa retrieves his disk in Po-Metru. But at the same time, the Morbuzakh continues to wreak havoc all over Metru Nui, with neither the Matoran nor the Vahki be able to stop it.

With all of the Great Disks found, the Toa meet up. Vhisola's research uncovers a way to kill the Morbuzakh - find and kill the King Root. The Toa discuss where the root would be and Vhisola realizes the King Root must be in the Great Furnace. The twelve Toa and Matoran depart for Ta-Metru while Vhisola worriedly predicts danger.


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