Comic 18
Comic 18: Seeds of Doom
Comic Information
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WriterGreg Farshtey
ReleasedMay 2004
Number in series18
Previous comicComic 17: Disks of Danger
Next ComicComic 19: Enemies of Metru Nui

Seeds of Doom was the eighteenth comic in the BIONICLE comic series, and the third comic in the Metru Nui story line.


On the way to the King Root, the Toa Metru encounter a squad of Vahki, but they find refuge in an abandoned forge. Suddenly hundreds of Morbuzakh seeds fall all over them. They start to sprout, covering the Toa Metru and Matoran in vines. With the help of Nuju, they escape from the hundreds of Morbuzakh seeds and hide behind a door. The Toa understand that the door won't hold off the vines, so Nuju and Onewa decide to destroy the building. They create massive columns of ice and earth and make them fall.

While this happens, Ahkmou tries to run. Onewa realizes he was the traitor, and confronts him about it.

After they go through many obstacles the Toa enter the Great Furnace, and they see the King Root, filling the massive room. The King Root speaks telepathically to the Toa, revealing that it was commanded to drive the Matoran to the center of the city: the Coliseum. It tries to steal Whenua's Great Disk. With the help of Nokama, Nuju creates an ice pick, which allows Whenua to retrieve the Disk.

During the battle, the Toa Metru each use up almost all of their Elemental energy, and trick the Morbuzakh to draw them in closer to it. They then launch the Great Disks, which form an energy bubble around the King Root, cutting it off from its vines, and killing it. The Toa Metru then retrieve the Great Disks, and flee as the building collapses. The vines in the city disintegrate. The Toa have been victorious but Nokama wonders who could have commanded the Morbuzakh, and whether that person would strike again. So the Toa leave for the Coliseum.



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