I will drive the Matoran into the heart of the city, as I wasss commanded. Then I will claim Metru Nui as my own. Those who sssssurvive can ssserve the Morbuzakh or perisssh!--Beginning with you!
— The Morbuzakh King Root
Comic 18
Comic 18: Seeds of Doom
Issue Information
Alternate titleShowdown
WriterGreg Farshtey
IllustratorRandy Elliott
ColorerPete Pantazis
LettererKen Lopez
SeriesBIONICLE: Metru Nui
ReleasedMay 2004
Number in series18
Previous comicComic 17: Disks of Danger
Next ComicComic 19: Enemies of Metru Nui

Seeds of Doom was the eighteenth issue in the original BIONICLE comic series, the third comic in the Metru Nui sub-series, and part three in the City of Legends story. It was originally mailed with the May/June 2004 edition of the LEGO Club Magazine, and was later collected in BIONICLE 3: City of Legends. This comic saw the Toa Metru battle and destroy the Morbuzahk King Root.


The Toa Metru have gathered the six Great Disks from their hiding places throughout Metru Nui. Now they prepare for their trial by fire: confronting the king root of the dreaded Morbuzakh plant in the depths of the Great Furnace.

Can six untried heroes triumph over a monstrosity that has plagued an entire city? Do they have the courage, power, and wisdom to win when even the Vahki have fallen before the Morbuzakh vines? Or will their inexperience mean the end of the Toa Metru, and the city as well?

The preparations have been completed. The hidden enemy has been found.

The battle for Metru Nui starts now.


Turaga Vakama continues his tale of Metru Nui: The Toa Metru and Matoran journey to the Great Furnace to engage the Morbuzakh King Root in combat. Unknown to them, a squad of Vahki has noticed their presence and plan to subdue the apparent intruders. Onewa spots the hidden law enforcers and raises the alarm. The group sprints into an abandoned factory to evade the robotic police, but their plan quickly backfires. Inside the forge, the Toa discover several large seeds. Much to their horror, the entire ceiling is covered with growing Morbuzakh seeds. The seeds rain down upon the group, sprouting and binding them tightly. Before the vines can remove their Kanohi and de-power them, Nuju creates an ice dagger and cuts out the others. The Toa and Matoran escape the forge, closing the door behind them. Vakama commands Nuju and Onewa to bring the building down, which they do so with pleasure. Ahkmou tries to escape, but is blocked by Onewa's Stone powers. After many obstacles, the Toa Metru finally reach the center of the Great Furnace, there to confront the King Root.


The Toa approach the the Morbuzakh

The Morbuzakh fearlessly declares its power to the Toa, and snatches the Onu-Metru Great Disk from Whenua. The Toa of Earth lunges after the vine, riding it into the air. Nuju tries to assist him, but only gets dragged along. Nokama throws a blast of water at the two. Nuju freezes it around the vine. Whenua shreds the vine, allowing the Disk to fall down to Nokama's waiting arms. The Morbuzakh attacks in force. The Toa Metru engage the vines, but it is a fruitless effort. In desperation, Vakama orders the team to stand down. If the vines drag the team towards the furnace's flame, they can get close enough to wield the Great Disks' powers. They succeed, encasing the King Root within a sphere of energy. The plant desperately attempts to leave, but is too entangled with the building to flee. The Toa escape as the Great Furnace collapses upon the King Root as it disintegrates. The city has been saved! Matau proclaims victory and leads the group to the Coliseum, but Nokama is unsure. The Morbuzakh claimed it had been commanded by another. Who was this other, and will they attack again?





Mobuzakh seeds

Morbuzakh seeds





Scanning: Six unknowns, six Matoran. Identify. Processing. Presence of unknowns and Matoran in this Metru unauthorized. Action Required. Prime Directive initiated. Pacify. Pacify.
I would rather be fed to the Great Furnace than live in a city run by an obnoxious, foul-smelling, over-grown pile of vegetable matter good for nothing but clogging canals.
Toa Nuju

Extra Features[]

  • Comic middle: The Vahki Are Coming section discusses sets 8614 Nuurakh, 8615 Bordakh, 8616 Vorzakh, 8617 Zadakh, 8618 Rorzakh, and 8619 Keerakh.
  • Comic end: Advertisement for BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui coming in Fall 2004; ads for BIONICLE at San Diego Comic-Con, LEGO BIONICLE Rahi Building Challenge, and the upcoming BIONICLE Metru Nui City Guide; advertisement for the Kanoka Club at
  • Rear cover: Advertisement for exclusive chance to buy the Vahki sets at LEGO Club Shop.



  • This issue takes place in parallel with and partially adapts BIONICLE Adventures 2: Trial by Fire.
  • This issue sees the first appearance of the Vahki, robotic law-enforcers in Metru Nui.


  • On the first page where the opening narration brings the reader up to speed, Whenua's Toa Disk can seen at the top of the page.

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