Comic 19: Enemies of Metru Nui
Comic Information
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WriterGreg Farshety
SeriesMetru Nui
ReleasedJuly 2004
Number in series19
Previous comicComic 18: Seeds of Doom
Next ComicComic 20: Struggle in the Sky

Enemies of Metru Nui is the nineteenth comic.


The comic takes place just after the Toa Metru have been separated.

The remaining Toa Metru (Vakama, Nokama and Matau) encounter a squad of Vahki Bordakh in Le-Metru. The Toa are trapped at the top of a tower and are helpless as one of the Vahki manages to hit Nokama with its Staff of Loyalty. The Toa of Water is forced to turn on her fellow Toa and push Vakama off the building. As Vakama plunges to his doom, he discovers that his Disk Launcher can also function as a jet-pack, the Toa of Fire uses his Disk Launcher to stay in the sky and launch shrinking Kanoka at the Vahki, causing their attackers to reduce in size.

Back atop the tower, Nokama has Matau pinned to the ground. The Toa of Air then manages to break free by nearly pushing Nokama off the side of the building. Luckily, Matau manages to catch by the foot as she dangles, but Matau loses his grip and Nokama falls. The Toa of Water is caught by Vakama and the shock of her fall causes the Bordakh to lose their control over her.

Three Vahki then arrived in pursuit of Matau, who dived into a Chute to escape the Bordakh, but they destroyed part of the chute ahead of him and followed. He managed to dig his Aero Slicers into the Chute walls and stop himself from falling to his doom and sharing the same fate as the Vahki behind him, who didn’t stop in time.

At that moment, the other Toa Metru (Nuju, Whenua and Onewa) are being marched through a tunnel by a squad of Vahki Rorzakh, little do they know that one of the Vahki has just zapped Whenua with its Staff of Presence. The Toa try to escape and flee into a large cell where the door shuts behind them. They realize that the Rorzakh have been following them all along and they are trapped.

Meanwhile, the other Toa Metru have made it to an Airship and are leaving Le Metru. They discuss what has happened to them and the comic finishes with Vakama saying, “What could possibly go wrong?” Little does he know that behind him is another squad of Vahki.


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