His tale is broken, incomplete. But it is the tale told in my dreams, or close to it. I have been summoned--I and others--to challenge a mighty evil. To defeat it, I will need great power. The Kanohi Masks will give me that power.

Kopaka's thoughts

Comic 1


Comic 1: The Coming of the Toa
Issue Information
Alternate titleSix Heroes, One Destiny
WriterGreg Farshtey
IllustratorCarlos D'Anda
ColorerAlex Sinclair
LettererNone credited
ReleasedJune 2001
Number in series1
Previous comic
Next ComicComic 2: Deep Into Darkness

The Coming of the Toa was the first issue of the original BIONICLE comic series, and part one of the initial storyline. It came packaged with the May/June edition of LEGO Mania Magazine. The comic centered on Toa Mata Kopaka and Pohatu as they began their quest for the Masks of Power.


The island of Mata Nui was once a paradise--until the entity known as Makuta arrived, transforming it into a land of darkness and evil. The natives, called Tohunga, and their leaders, the Turaga, have waited and hoped for heroes who would conquer Makuta and save their home.

Now their waiting has come to and end. Six mighty warriors, known as Toa, have arrived on Mata Nui. Each controls a force of nature--fire, air, earth, water, stone, ice. But to triumph over Makuta, they must gather the Kanohi Masks of Power. witch give them greater skills, abilities, and wisdom. The more masks they collect, the more powerful the Toa become.

Finding the Masks takes great courage, for Makuta controls the land, sea, and sky of Mata Nui. He also commands a host of terrible creatures known as Rahi, as well as the Manas, fiece predators with power that not single Toa can withstand...

If the Toa hope to win, they must find the power of the Masks!


The comic begins on a beach with a canister surrounded by Ussals. The canister lid blasts off; Kopaka emerges and builds himself. Kopaka travels through Ko-Wahi, eventually meeting Matoro, who was watching him. Kopaka initially attacks Matoro, but quickly realizes that he's an ally. Matoro tells Kopaka where one of the Great Masks of Power can be found, at the Place of Far Seeing. Matoro then takes Kopaka to meet Turaga Nuju. On the way, the two are attacked by a Nui-Rama. Matoro fell off the cliff they were on, but Kopaka leapt off and saved him by using his powers to create a new bridge.

They then were met by Nuju, who told Kopaka about Teridax (known as the Makuta at the time), the history of Mata Nui, his powers and how to defeat Teridax, by collecting the Great Masks of Power. While Kopaka was walking up the mountain, Pohatu accidentally trapped him under a boulder. After Kopaka got out Pohatu insisted on coming along, Kopaka hesitatingly allowed him to come. When they reached the top Kopaka saw and claimed a Hau. Kopaka, after switching back to his Akaku, saw four beings of power, Tahu, Lewa, Onua, and Gali. He and Pohatu went down the mountain immediately to meet them.








My new friend tries to flee. But a coating of ice beneath his feet will bring him back to me.


You are Kopaka, who wields the power of winter itself. You saved one of your own people, with no though to your own safety. You are the one we have waited for.

–Turaga Nuju

Extra Features

  • Mid-comic: Advertisement for promotional BIONICLE events featuring Andy Mcdonald.
  • Comic middle: Section discussing the upcoming six Toa and six Turaga sets.
  • Comic end: Advertisement for the website.
  • Rear cover: Advertisement for the trading card game BIONICLE: Quest for the Masks.

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