Dreams of Darkness

Bionicle Comic Number 21: Dreams of Darkness
came out in November 2004. It is part 6 of the City of Legends series.


It starts out with Vakama. He is having another vision. We see a creature in front of him. Near him are his fellow toa. Vakama's Disk Launcher won't work. A hand spits out of the mouth of the creature and grasps Vakama. Everything starts to fade. Then we see Vakama in a web. Nidhiki is coming after him. He tells the toa that his time has run out. Then Vakama is out of the web. Vakama sees Toa Lhikan. Lhikan tells the toa to beware and listen to the warnings of his visions. We then see Vakama with Turaga Dume he tells him to look at what is infront of him. He looks at a web and out comes the Toa Metru. They are very angry at him. Nuju tells Vakama to look into the mirror. Vakama looks and he wakes up to see Nokama and Matau watching him. Then the ground starts to shake and the Tahtorak comes out of the ground looking for an answer. The Tahtorak starts destroying everything in sight. Matau flies around, trying to distract the beast. Then Nuurakh come and try to stop the monster. They fail. Vakama then fires a weakness Disk at the ground below the Tahtorak and the monster falls into the ground screaming for the answer. Then Vakama tells of his vision to the fellow toa. We see what he saw in the mirror, himself as a twisted monster.


  • It is known that the Tahtorak was looking for the answer to how he came to Metru Nui.
  • The Tahtorak was heard in the maintenance tunnels in the Onu-Metru Archives in Bionicle Adventures #3
  • Tahtorak was designed by Justin Lamb


In the comic, ads for the Rahaga, Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui, Vahki, the Toa Hordika, and Bionicle Shoes, backpacks and t-Shirts.

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