You must master your new forms and powers if you hope to survive. But beware. If the venom is not erased from your system in time, you will remain this way forever. Worse, you will become beasts in fact as well as appearance...gibbering things that stalk the night, bringing destruction.
Rahaga Norik
Comic 22: Monsters in the Dark
Issue Information
Alternate titleHordika Unleashed!
WriterGreg Farshtey
IllustratorRandy Elliott
ColorerPete Pantazis
LettererKen Lopez
SeriesBIONICLE: Metru Nui
ReleasedJanuary 2005
Number in series22
Previous comicComic 21: Dreams of Darkness
Next ComicComic 23: Vengeance of the Visorak

Monsters in the Dark was the twenty-second issue in the original BIONICLE comic series and the seventh issue in the Metru Nui sub-series. It was originally mailed with the January/February 2005 edition of the LEGO Club Magazine, and was later collected in BIONICLE 4: Trial by Fire. This comic introduced the spider-like Visorak as new enemies of the Toa Metru, and revolved around the the heroes' transformation into Toa Hordika.


Having found a new land where they hope the Matoran will be safe from harm, the Toa Metru have returned to Metru Nui to save the rest of the population. But they have come back to a city radically changed, and for the worse--darkness and strange webs shroud the buildings, and earthquake has badly damaged large areas, and bizarre creatures are visible moving in the mist. Worse, the Archives have been shattered, freeing every Rahi inside to roam the city.

Despite all this, Toa Vakama remains confident that his team can rescue the the sleeping Matoran from underneath the Coliseum and get them out of the city. After all, they are Toa! They have defeated Makuta, Dark Hunters, Vahki, and the Morbuzakh. There is nothing in this city of shadows that could harm them...

Or is there?


The Toa Metru have returned to Metru Nui. Their ship has crash-landed on the island city's shores. Onewa is furious at Matau's driving, but the Toa of Air places the blame squarely on Vakama's poor navigational skills. The Toa march into the web-covered city, astounded at the damage. Vakama insists the team push forward, regardless of danger. However, danger is all around them, as unknown creatures note the Toa's arrival and prepare to hunt. Whenua recognizes the webs as belonging to the Visorak, a race of giant spiders known for overrunning islands. Vakama is dismissive and critical of Whenua, annoyed that the Toa of Earth did not mention this sooner. The Toa notice Rahkshi roaming around and realize that the city Archives must have been breached, unleashing the exhibits into the night. Unperturbed, Vakama leads the Toa Metru onward, confident that nothing in Metru Nui is capable of harming them. Later, the group arrives at the Coliseum, ready to free the Matoran. It is at this point that the Visorak strike, attacking and hitting all six Toa with paralysis Rhotuka. Helpless, the heroes are captured and wrapped in web cocoons. High above the city, the spiders hang their trophies. Vakama apologizes for leading his team into the trap, but is suddenly and painfully cut off as the Visorak venom mutates all of them. The strands holding up the webs begin to unravel, and the heroes fall.

As the mutated Toa plummet, Vakama despairs: is this the final destiny of the Toa Metru? A small stranger grabs the cocoon while it descends. His new ally re-introduces Vakama to his teammates, now mutated by the spider's poison. The strangers introduce themselves as well, revealing that they are the Rahaga, enemies of the Visorak horde. They explain their situation to the heroes: the venom has altered both their bodies and minds, making them into animalistic monstracities. Should the poison remain un-reverted, their change will become permanent, and they will lose their sanity as well. In the Coliseum, a mysterious voice speaks to a Visorak messenger. Enraged, they launch a Rhotuka at the messenger, mutating them. The voice reveals itself to be Roodaka, who exclaims that she needs the Toa alive.




  • Bomonga - First appearance
  • Dume - Mentioned only
  • Gaaki - First appearance
  • Iruini - First appearance
  • Kualus - First appearance
  • Makuta - Mentioned only
  • Matau - First appearance as a Toa Hordika
  • Nokama - First appearance as a Toa Hordika
  • Norik - First appearance
  • Nuju - First appearance as a Toa Hordika
  • Onewa - First appearance as a Toa Hordika
  • Pouks - First appearance
  • Roodaka - First appearance
  • Sidorak - Mentioned only
  • Vakama - First appearance as a Toa Hordika
  • Whenua - First appearance as a Toa Hordika






A message is sent through the strands of webbings that cover the city. Short and simple, it will bring a thousand creatures of the shadows after the Toa Metru: "The hunt has begun."
— Narration
I assume you are here to tell me that Sidorak and the hordes have been successful, and the Toa have been recaptured? Because you know how I feel about failure. The success of my plans requires the six Toa...and by Matuka's black heart, I shall have them! This Roodaka swears!
— Roodaka

Extra Features[]

  • Comic middle: Toa Hordika on the Loose section discusses the six new Toa Hordika sets.
  • Comic end: Advertisement discusses the Hordika Spinner Challenge fans can play; advertisement for BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui; section describes the various Rhotuka powers which the Rahaga and Toa Hordika possess.
  • Rear cover: Advertisement for the Toa Hordika sets.



  • This issue takes place in parallel with and partially adapts BIONICLE Adventures 7: Web of the Visorak.
  • This comic introduces the Visorak hordes, an army of spiders which conquers entire islands and mutates their inhabitants. After the defeat of Makuta, he psychically summoned the Visorak to Metru Nui.
  • This comic also sees the introduction of the Visorak leaders, Sidorak and Roodaka.

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