Your dreams are as grand as these trees, Lewa. I hope they do not come crashing down around you.

Toa Gali

Comic 2: Deep Into Darkness
Issue Information
Alternate the Rahi!
WriterGreg Farshtey
IllustratorCarlos D'Anda
ColorerAlex Sinclair
LettererNone credited
ReleasedJuly 2001
Number in series2
Previous comicComic 1: The Coming of the Toa
Next ComicComic 3: Triumph of the Toa

Deep Into Darkness was the second issue of the original BIONICLE comic series and part two of the initial storyline. It was mailed with the July/August 2001 edition of LEGO Mania Magazine.


Six mighty heroes, the Toa, have come to the island of Mata Nui to save it from an evil force called Makuta. Shortly after their arrival, they encountered the tribesmen of the island, and their leaders, known as Turaga.

The key to defeating Makuta, they learned, was obtaining the fabled the Kanohi Masks of Power. But the masks are scattered around the island and protected by deadly bests called Rahi. Already, Kopaka has encountered one of these powerful creatures among the icy peaks of Mount Ihu.

Despite this threat, the Toa have decided to go their separate ways in the quest for more Masks of Power. But can any Toa, alone, hope to defeat the Rahi?


The Turaga of Mata Nui tell the tale of how Makuta put Mata Nui into a great sleep and how the Great Beings sent six Toa to Mata Nui.

In the jungle Lewa pulls Gali out of water that seemed "angry." After a short conversation, Lewa leave Gali behind to search for his six Masks of Power by himself. Turaga Nokama then narrates the tale of Gali. As Gali swims underwater, an infected Tarakava spots and chases her. She eventually tricks the Rahi into heading into a sea cave and causes a cave-in. Turaga Matau then relates the tale of Lewa. The Toa of Air travels to acquire his Mask of Speed, which was underwater. He encounters a Nui-Jaga, but manages to bury the Rahi under the surrounding trees. Lewa eventually finds his destination, a dark cave with an entrance to an underground lake within, and dives in. He quickly gets entangled by seaweed, but manages to free himself and return to the surface for a quick breath of air. He then returns to the water and acquired his Kakama.

Meanwhile Gali was climbing an extremely old mountain to find her Mask of Levitation. When she reached the top, the mountain started to crumble. As she and the mask fell, she managed to catch it. But as soon as she landed, two Nui-Jaga and two Tarakava cornered her. Meanwhile, Lewa was swinging among the trees when a Nui-Rama attacked him from behind, knocking his mask off and causing him to fall to the ground, where a Muaka was waiting to finish him off.








Makuta cast a spell that made Mata Nui sleep. Then Makuta claimed the world, and darkness and death were everywhere. Yet all was not lost. The Great Beings sent six mighty heroes--the Toa--to Mata Nui. Six heroes with one destiny: to defeat Makuta and sae our world.

–The Turaga

Makuta believed these Toa were weak pretenders, easily conquered. He saw nothing to fear in them. So many years in darkness must have made Makuta blind.

–Turaga Nokama.

Extra Features

  • Mid-comic: "Search for the Gold Mask Sweepstakes" rules and information.
  • Comic middle: Find the Masks of Power section discusses each of the Toa's Great Masks and the Turaga's Noble Masks.
  • Comic end: Advertisement for BIONICLE: Quest for the Masks trading card game; rules and information for BIONICLE contests; Beware the Rahi section discusses the various Rahi sets.
  • Rear cover: Section discussing the McDonald's Matoran set.

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