Comic 2: The Fall of Atero is the second comic in 2009, written by Greg Farshtey and illustrated by Pop Mhan.


Strakk and Tarix are practicing for the upcoming tournament in Atero, when Tarix disarms Strakk. They note the absence of Gresh, and the Skrall.

Meanwhile, Gresh is practicing his moves alone with Tarduk. He is interrupted by Malum and a pack of Vorox, and Malum warns Gresh about an upcoming 'storm',which are The Skrall. Malum leaves.

250px-The Fall of Atero Cover

Comic 2

The next day, Raanu, Metus, and Berix try to figure out what Malum was talking about, and think that perhaps the 'storm' is why the Skrall are not there. Then, an army of Skrall is noticed advancing upon the city, and the Glatorian, including Tarix, Strakk, and Gresh, try to defend Atero while the Agori evacuate into the desert. The Glatorian put up a defence, but are driven out of the city and the Arena Magna was destroyed. In the desert, Tarix tries to think of a plan to resist and says that they need help,and that help is one that carries a sword.


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