Vengeance of Axonn


May 2006
Comic #
Alex Bleyaert
Travis Lanham
Art Director/Design
Toby Dutkiewicz
Jaye Gardner

Vengeance of Axonn is the second comic of the Ignition Series by Greg Farshey. It was released in May of 2006.


The Island of Voya Nui wasn't the easiest place to live, but it was quiet. Until the Piraka came. We see Thok, Avak, Reidak, and Vezok fighting, with Zaktan trying to get them to stop. Zaktan tells his fellow Piraka to stop fighting so they can find the Mask of Life.

Thok points out that they don't have a clue as to where it is, and Zaktan says that Vezon, their seventh member might know. At the mention of his name, Vezok cuts a tree in half angrily. Zaktan tells Thok and Reidak to find him. We see Thok and Reidak, walking and searching for something. They find a broken canister and they see Vezon's footprints leading to the island. Then there is a tremmor and Thok and Reidak fall in a crack in the floor. They cling onto the side of the rock, but someone reaches down at the Piraka, telling them that Voya Nui holds nothing for them but pain and despair. He picks them up, smashes them together and drops them. Thok shoots his Lazer eyes at him. The stranger dodges the lazer vision. Reidak picks up a boulder, but he uses his axe to smash it to peices. Thok askes the stranger what he is. The stranger tells of how he was placed on Voya Nui to protect the mask of life.

Thok tells the stranger that he is looking for Vezon, not the mask. The stranger tells the Piraka that Vezon serves the mask now and that he will clean the piraka off the island. Suddenly, blue lazer vision is shot at the stranger in his back, and he is knocked unconcious. A yellow and blue figure, telling the stranger, Axonn that power on the island belongs to him, Brutaka.

We see six canisters carrying Matoran from a faraway village. It is raining so we can't see their faces. Lightning strikes each canister, and mysterious figures appear out of them.


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