I am the shape in the shadows. I am the darkness in the heart of Mata Nui. I live in the dread stories told by the Turaga around the village fires. The dark creatures--the Manas, the Rahi--are my servants. I am Makuta.


Comic 3: Triumph of the Toa
Issue Information
Alternate title
WriterGreg Farshtey
IllustratorCarlos D'Anda
ColorerPeter Pantazis
LettererNone credited
ReleasedOctober 2001
Number in series3
Previous comicComic 2: Deep Into Darkness
Next ComicComic 4: The Bohrok Awake

Triumph of the Toa was the third issue of the original BIONICLE comic series and part three of the initial storyline. It was mailed with the November/December 2001 edition of LEGO Mania Magazine.


The quest for the Masks of Power has grown more dangerous with every day. The amazing feats of the Toa have drawn the attention of Makuta, who is preparing to unleash the power of the Rahi--and the natural forces of the island itself--against the six heroes.

The fate of Mata Nui and all who dwell upon it may be decided this day...


Makuta is observing his Rahi as Lewa falls to a waiting Muaka with his mask out of reach, and Gali is cornered by a group of four Rahi. Lewa manages to save himself for the moment by grabbing onto a branch when Onua drags the Muaka underground. Meanwhile Gali finds herself saved by Tahu when a Tarakava knocks her into the nearby sea. Gali has a strange vision of Akamai and Wairuha telling her the fate of her and the other Toa. When she awakes, she finds that she is on the surface again and that Tahu has defeated the Rahi.

The Toa get together and discuss teaming up when a nearby mountain explodes and becomes an active volcano. Lewa, with his newfound Mask of Speed, helps Onua charge up the volcano and create a trench for the lava to flow through. The volcano turns out to be an distraction from Makuta to lessen the number of Toa. The four remaining Toa get ambushed by Rahi. Gali gets attacked by a Muaka, but manages to dodge it for Kopaka to freeze.

Meanwhile, Tahu is about to get ambushed by two Tarakava when Pohatu kicks a boulder towards the monsters, which Tahu dodges. Suddenly a massive tidal wave of sand sent by Makuta rises to crush Tahu. Fortunately, Tahu uses his fire to turn the sand to glass. However, two Nui-Rama shatter the glass, and pick up Tahu and drop him. Onua manages to catch Tahu in time. Meanwhile Kopaka and Gali are being assaulted by two Nui-Jaga. While Kopaka protects himself with his Mask of Shielding, Gali summons the water from an underground spring to burst through the surface and launch the Nui-Jaga onto the air and back down into the sea. Meanwhile, the Nui-Rama return with reinforcements, but Onua throws a boulder towards them. Finally it's over, and the Toa vow to stand together until Mata Nui is free.









We are what you and the other Toa shall become. When each of you has found all the Great Masks of Power, then shall you be ready to join together and defeat Makuta.

Toa Kaita Akamai

Then let Makuta tremble this day--We stand together, until Mata Nui is free!


Extra Features

  • Comic middle: Challenge the Might of the Manas section discussing the Manas set.
  • Comic end: Advertisement for BIONICLE.com, Collect the ultimate Kanohi section discusses special types of Kanohi masks.
  • Rear cover: Teaser for the upcoming Bohrok sets.

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