Comic 4: A Cold Light Dawns
Book Information
AuthorGreg Farshety
Year published2006
Number in series5
Previous bookComic 3: Showdown
Next bookIgnition Comic 5:In Final Battle

A Cold Light Dawns is the fourth comic in the Ignition series.


The Toa Inika battle Hakann and Thok, whose powers have been increased by stealing Brutaka's power with a Zamor Sphere. Hewkii fires a Zamor that Axonn gave him, as the two Piraka unleash their powers on the Toa. The blast knocks the Inika unconscious, but the Zamor caused Hakann and Thok's power to return to Brutaka.

Later, the Toa wake up, and discover the Piraka have found the entrance to the Chamber of Life. In the Chamber, Vezon waits for the Piraka's arrival. He tells Fenrakk of how Hakann accidentally used the Spear of Fusion on Vezok in reverse, splitting him and creating Vezon. Vezon then talks about sneaking away from the other Piraka and heading to Voya Nui to find the Mask of Life. He tells the Fenrakk how he touched the Ignika, and wound up fused to it.

Meanwhile, the Toa Inika are descending down the stairs to the chamber, and encounter Umbra, one of the Ignika's guardians. Umbra transforms into a beam of Light and attacks the six Toa. Nuparu uses his Kadin to fly into the air, and Umbra follows him. Matoro then creates a mirror out of Ice, and Umbra (in light form) bounces off it, shooting across the chamber until he crashes.

The Toa Inika reach the Lava Chamber Gate, where the Piraka have already passed. Nuparu creates an earthquake that stops the Piraka, but weakens the bridge as well. The Toa Inika attack the Piraka, and Kongu creates a powerful gust of wind that causes the bridge to collapse. After seeing no sign of the Toa Inika, the Piraka continue towards the Ignika.

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