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Before the Storm

Before the Storm is the fourth comic in the BIONICLE: Glatorian comic series.


The comic starts off with Crotesius riding his Cendox V1 against Scodonius and Kirbraz riding their Kaxium V3 a training match in the wastelands. After the Cendox beats the Kaxium, Crotesius boasts that he will beat them all in future matches. Scodonius shrugs and says that is does not matter since the Skrall will attack their villages soon. Crotesius however disagrees and says that the Skrall don't have the guts to attack the villages. However little do they know a Skrall patrol is listening to them from above. Meanwhile in Vulcanus Ackar and Strakk are fighting a duel in the Vulcanus arena. Ackar beats Strakk and he concedes, however as Ackar turns his back on his fallen opponent to retrieve his shield, Strakk hurls his Ice Axe at Ackar's back, knocking the fire Glatorian unconscious. Strakk stalks towards Ackar ready to give the killing blow when a golden armored being named Mata Nui tackles him. Strakk furiously fights Mata Nui and is about to kill him when Mata Nui's crude stinger tail transforms into a blade after coming in contact with the Ignika. Mata Nui beats Strakk and this time makes him concede out loud. The crowd goes wild and Ackar thanks Mata Nui for saving him. Afterwards Mata Nui travels to Ackar's shelter where he explains that he is due for a match in Tesera. However their conversation is interrupted when Kiina bursts into the room, excited that her theory that other worlds exist is true. After some talking, Kiina agrees to help Mata Nui find a way back home if she takes him with him. Mata Nui agrees and the next day he, Kiina and Ackar begin riding to Tajun. However they are soon ambushed by Bone Hunters and a giant Skopio.


  • Strakk
  • Mata Nui
  • Click
  • Metus
  • Ackar
  • Several Bone Hunters
  • Crotesius
  • Kirbraz
  • Scodonius
  • Kiina
  • Two Skrall
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