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Comic 5: In Final Battle
Comic Ig 5
Book Information
AuthorGreg Farshety
Year published2006
Number in series5
Previous bookComic 4: A Cold Light Dawns
Next bookComic 6: Web Comic

In Final Battle was the fifth comic in the BIONICLE Ignition saga.


The Piraka storm into the Chamber of Life, where Vezon is waiting for them. He uses the Spear of Fusion to fuse Vezok and Reidak together.

After defeating the other four Piraka, Vezon defuses the two, and they fall unconscious from the shock of separation. Suddenly, the Toa Inika burst into the Chamber. Vezon and Fenrakk then attack the Toa, who fight back well. However, Fenrakk absorbs the force from each attack, growing stronger and stronger. Vezon then reveals that he is in possession of the Kanohi Ignika. Jaller fires at the ground beneath Vezon and Fenrakk, knocking the two into the lava. Just as Jaller is going to jump in after them to retrieve the mask, the duo emerges from the lava, Fenrakk transformed into the Kardas Dragon.

Meanwhile, in the Piraka Stronghold, Brutaka and Axonn duel near the Antidermis vat. Despite repeated blows, Axonn continues to fight, giving a heroic speech as he battles. Brutaka plans to use the Antidermis to make himself stronger, but Axonn smashes the vat with his Axe, dispersing its contents into the air.

Back in the chamber, the Toa Inika are losing badly to the Kardas Dragon. Jaller takes out a Zamor Sphere given to him by Axonn and fires it at Kardas, freezing Vezon and Kardas in time and space. Matoro walks over to them and retrieves the mask from Vezon.

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