Comic 5: To Trap a Tahnok
Comic Information
Alternate titleBeware the Bohrok!
WriterGreg Farshtey
IllustratorCarlos D'anda & Randy Elliott
ColorerPeter Pantazis
LettererKen Lopez
ReleasedApril 2002
Number in series5
Previous comicComic 4: The Bohrok Awake
Next ComicComic 6: Into the Nest

To Trap a Tahnok (also known as Beware the Bohrok) was the fifth BIONICLE comic of the original BIONICLE comic series and the second part of "The Bohrok Saga" sub-series.


Pohatu and Gali, with the help of Onua and Kopaka, have set a trap for a group of Tahnok. When they hear them coming, Pohatu releases a mighty flood held back by a wall of ice, trapping the Tahnok in a water filled canyon. Gali would then retrieve the krana inside the submerged Bohrok. But they didn't count on the water being at boiling temperatures, probably caused by the Tahnok, which makes Gali's dive harder. Meanwhile, Tahu is giving the Ta-Matoran a motivational speech when Kopaka appears with knowledge of the Krana and another secret (Which is revealed to be the location of the Bohrok in the next issue). Meanwhile, Gali has managed to collect most of the krana, but then 3 Bohrok melted through the rock wall a made a massive boulder that almost crushed Gali. She manages to escape but the Tahnok are in hot pursuit. She and Pohatu escape with the krana. Gali is then concerned for the fact that she hasn't heard from Lewa in days since he left for Le-Koro when she and Pohatu are about to be ambushed by two Gahlok. Meanwhile Lewa is in Le-Wahi wearing a Krana Za.




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