"Unfortunately, Kardas tends not to stay defeated for long."
Ignition 6

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Ignition 6 is the first comic of 2007. It covers the events of the ending of Inferno and scenes from City of the Lost. It is web-exclusive in English, but was released in the Chinese book BIONICLE: Mahri Nui.


Toa Inika Matoro holds up the Kanohi Ignika proudly, but the mask is blown out of Matoro's grip by a blast from the Kardas Dragon as it awakes from his defeat. The Toa Inika pursue the mask as it flies out of the chamber and plunges into the sea. Hahli attempted to dive after it, but failed after she ran out of air underwater.

Meanwhile, the Piraka watch in the bushes and decide to strike at a better time.

Underwater, a Ta-Matoran swims up and saves Hahli from drowning, taking her to the surface. After telling a cryptic message about a city under the sea, the Matoran dies.

At the same time, the mask continues to sink downwards. It was then spotted by a Sea Squid, which swam to Kalmah and told him about the news. Kalmah then swims off and notifies the other Barraki: Mantax, Pridak, Carapar, Ehlek, and Takadox. Pridak then declares that the mask may be the cure to their underwater mutations and may transform them back to their land forms.

Meanwhile, Dekar finds and holds up the mask, but the Barraki find him after he decides to destroy it. The Barraki take the mask and Pridak later declares that the mask shall belong to the Barraki.


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