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This story takes place after Kardas shot the Ignika into the deep waters of The Pit. The Barraki are introduced.

The story starts with an explanation of how the Barraki were exiled in the black waters of The Pit. The Matoran of the sunken village of Mahri Nui are grateful that the once-powerful Barraki are banished in the Pit. Pridak vows he will lay his hands on The Mask of Life so he and his fellow Barraki could rule the land and breathe air once again.

Kalmah and Ehlek are caught in daydreaming that once they have the Ignika in their hands they will dominate the land, again. Meanwhile, Dekar discovers the Mask of Life, but fears it will bring doom to his homeland if the mask falls into the wrong hands. He is tempted to destroy the mask.

Takadox asks if Nocturn has seen the Ignika, but Nocturn claims that Takadox thinks he thinks he's a liar, but Takadox's hypnotic power grants him a new ally. Meanwhile, Pridak has captured Defilak and is questioning him about the Ignika while the other Barraki travel to Mahri Nui. Kalmah asks Takadox not to get carried away on their hunt. Takadox expected him to ask that.

Kalmah and Takadox then follow Mantax to an underwater dungeon, in which they find Mantax breaking rocks to try and find the Ignika. Then a strange tremble occurs, and the ceiling is sealed. Kalmah, Mantax and Takadox then suddenly realize that the dangerous Zyglak were coming their way...


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