Command Toa Hewkii
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Availability Available
Platform Online,
Controls Directional keys and Space

The Command Toa Hewkii game was the first Command The Toa Mahri game released on June 28, 2007.


There are 6 levels, in which the player is Hewkii, using his chains and Aqua Warblade to pop bubbles and ink splotches. If they touch Hewkii, the life bar decreases. The object of the game is to collect the 6 Cordak Missiles, 1 from each level.


  • Left and right arrow keys: move Hewkii.
  • Space bar: shoots up chains and Warblade.


  • Beginning: Hewkii is floating there and is zapped by a bubble. He then tries spearing the bubbles before they hit him.
  • Ending: Hewkii claims a Cordak Missile and fires at Hydraxon.
  • Losing: Hewkii is zapped by many bubbles and then an image of Hydraxon is shown.


  • The bubbles are round clear things that move quickly, but cause a small amount of damage.
  • The ink splotches are round black things that move slowly, but cause a great amount of damage.


You can gain:

  • Faster left and right movement,
  • Electrified chains (Which allow the chains to pop bubbles they don't touch, within a short radius)
  • Faster chain upward and downward speed.


Level score is calculated from:

  • Time
  • Power-Ups
  • Some arrow thing
  • Bubbles popped


  • The Mask of Life cheat is MIK, which gives Hewkii a regenerating shield.
  • Pressing 1,2,3, and 4 at he same time causes the game to say "cheater", and cheat mode to be activated.
    • 1=Win Level
    • 2=Go Back A Level
    • 3=Regenerate Health
    • 4=Activate The Ignika
    • 5=Grants electrified chains
    • 6=Freeze game
    • 8=Win game
    • 9=Lose game

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