Command Toa Jaller
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Controls Mouse

The Command Toa Jaller game was the fourth Command The Toa Mahri game released on August 27, 2007.


There are 6 levels, in which the player is Jaller, trying to prevent enemies from destroying a wall behind him, which Spinax is trapped behind. The object of the game is to collect 6 Cordak Missiles, 1 from each level.


  • Mouse
    • Rapid clicking gets small-power shots of flame.
    • Holding down gets more high-power shots of flame. The longer the button is held down, the more power.


  • Beginning: Jaller is standing there, and sees a horde of enemies. Takadox fires a Sea Squid, Jaller dodges, and it hits a wall behind him. Spinax is shown. Then Jaller starts to fire Fire bursts at the enemies.
  • Winning: Jaller fires a flame burst, it hits Maxilos, he drops a missile, and Jaller's Hannah crab picks it up. He fires it at Spinax's prison, trapping him.
  • Losing: Maxilos fires a missile at the wall, which destroys it and frees Spinax, who attacks Jaller.



  • Sea Squid: The Barraki fire these.

Main Enemies


  • Beam-Ray: Creates a small shield and fires a continuous beam form Jaller's sword. This can even hurt Hydraxon who will faded out of existence.
  • Rapid Fire: Allows Jaller to do rapid fire.


  • Enemies defeated
  • Health left
  • Some 3 bubble thingy


  • The Mask of Life cheat is JON, which permanently lights up the whole screen

Pressing 1,2,3, and 4 at he same time causes the game to say "cheater", and cheat mode to be activated.

  • 1=Win Level
  • 2=Go Back A Level
  • 3=Regenerate Health
  • 4=Activate The Ignika
  • 8=Win Game
  • 9=Lose Game

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