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Command Toa Matoro
Online Game Information
Availability Available
Platform Online,
Controls Directional keys, spacebar
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The Command Toa Matoro game was the sixth Command The Toa Mahri game released on September 24, 2007.


There are 6 levels, in which the player is Matoro, trying to pass through mazes. The object of the game is to collect the 6 Cordak Missiles, 1 from each level.


  • Left and right arrow keys: Move in that respective direction
  • up arrow key: Jump
  • Space bar: Slash claws
  • X - restart, but at the cost of 4 life points


  • Beginning: Matoro sees a bullet and runs to collect it. A falling boulder then stops him. Takadox then throws another down.
  • Winning: Takadox throws down a boulder. Matoro then fires his Cordak blaster, which destroys the boulder. A chunk of it then falls to the location of the Ignika.
  • Losing: Matoro slams into a boulder. He then finds himself stuck to a wall with Maxilos in front of him. Takadox then throws another boulder down onto him, presumably crushing him and killing him.


  • Bubbles: the more you collect, the higher the score you'll get when you finish the level
  • Cordak bullet: needed to finish the level


Notice: If any are touched, they decrease the life bar by 1.


  • Airweed: Takes a few slashes to cut through.
  • Boulders: Thrown from above. can also be used as platforms to reach high areas. cause damage if they fall on you.
  • Rocks: Huge or small. can be pushed and stood on.
  • Spikes: Pop out of the ground.


Scoring is based on:

  • Bubble collection
  • Time


  • The Mask of Life cheat is GTD or KJM, which summons fish to protect Matoro.

Pressing 1,2,3, and 4 at he same time causes the game to say "cheater", and cheat mode to be activated.

  • 1=Win Level
  • 2=Go Back A Level
  • 3=Regenerate Health
  • 4=Activate The Ignika
  • 5=Toggle On And Off Volume


  • By using cheat mode, and constantly pressing 4, the player can summon an unlimited supply of fish. This drastically decreases the frame rate, though.

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