Copper Mask of Victory
Power(s)None; ceremonial value
Notable Wearer(s)Matoran champions

Copper Masks of Victory were powerless Kanohi, created and kept for ceremonial value, that were awarded to the winners of Matoran games. While Copper Masks could be crafted in the shape of any Kanohi, the most popular forms were the Noble Huna and Noble Komau.


Originally, Copper Masks of Victory were won by the victors of Akilini on Metru Nui, but they were later taken to Mata Nui by the Toa Metru and awarded to the winners of the various Koro sports.

During the 1,000 years spent on Mata Nui, Makuta Teridax had his infected Rahi steal and hide as many of the Copper Masks as they could; this was an attempt by the Makuta to crush the Matoran's collective morale.

Known Winnners

Legendary Kanohi
VahiIgnikaMask of Creation
Great/Noble Kanohi
Toa Mata HauKaukauMiruKakamaPakariAkaku (AkiRua)
Toa Metru HunaRauMahikiKomauRuruMatatu
Toa Inika CalixEldaSuletuSanokKadinIden
Toa Mahri ArthronFaxonZatthGaraiVolitakTryna
Toa Hagah PehkuiMask of ClairvoyanceKualsiMask of EmulationMask of GrowthMask of Rahi Control
Karda Nui Makuta JutlinAvsaFelnasMohtrekShelekCrast
Other Kanohi Infected KanohiGolden KanohiCopper Mask of VictoryMask of Elemental Energy
AvohkiiKraahkanMask of Light and ShadowKirilOlisiRodeOlmak
Mask of IntangibilityMask of PossibilitiesMask of Psychometry
Mask of MutationMask of CharismaMask of HealingMask of Scavenging
Mask of AdaptationMask of AgingMask of Biomechanics
Mask of ConjuringMask of FusionMask of Incomprehension
Mask of ReboundingMask of Sensory AptitudeMask of Undeath
Kanohi Nuva
Toa Nuva Hau NuvaKaukau NuvaMiru NuvaKakama NuvaPakari NuvaAkaku Nuva (Aki NuvaRua Nuva)
KanohiKranaKanohi NuvaKrana-KalKraataKanokaRhotukaZamor SpheresSquidsGolden Armor
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