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The Core War was a war fought by the Element Lords and many smaller beings over the newly discovered Energized Protodermis. The happenings of this event are known to have caused the the Shattering, in which Spherus Magna was destroyed, of which three pieces were the remainder; Bara Magna, Aqua Magna and Bota Magna.

Each of the Element Lords had their own army, with the soldiers' weapons and armors associated with the elements of their Element Lord.

The ice tribe was the first to discover the energized protodermis, and shortly after they gained control of it. The Iron tribe did not participate because of being wiped out by the plague. The other tribes coveted the Energized Protodermis and began fighting over it. The Great Beings knew that if the war continued, the planet would shatter. After attempting to end the war in a peaceful way, the Great Beings created the Baterra to kill every armed combatant.

The battle of the field of mist raged first in the Great Jungle with Tarix and the water tribe against Ackar and the Fire tribe. Afterwards was The Battle of Iron Canyon. Due to Iron Canyon's treacherous landscape, participating Glatorian were easily ambushed by each other. They frequently had to hide and seek each other out.

In the Campaign of the Ice tribe Tunnels Certavus's platoon had just defeated a Vorox legion. On the way back from the battle, the Skrall ambushed the now weakened Ice tribe. The Water tribe went to finish off the Ice tribe but met with the Jungle tribe, who was trying to do the same. Tarix and Vastus's armies made a truce, and the Water and Jungle tribes traveled through a forest trying to get to the secret Ice Tribe tunnels and use them as a strategical advantage. They encountered Malum and the Fire tribe in the forest and dueled them.

The war ended with the Stone tribe attacking the Ice tribe and weakening it. The Fire tribe battled the Ice tribe and drained some of the protodermis. This resulted in the planet structuraly weakening and exploding.

The Element Lords and their armies
Element Lord of Fire Element Lord of Ice Element Lord of Water Element Lord of Jungle Element Lord of Sand Element Lord of Rock
Fire Tribe Agori Ice Tribe Agori Water Tribe Agori Jungle Tribe Agori Zesk Rock Tribe Agori
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