Highly overrated. Better a dead hero than a live coward, I always say.
— Crotesius to the Element Lord of Water, Riddle of the Great Beings
Biographical Information
Species Agori
Group Fire Tribe
Mask None
Colors Dark red
Element/Powers None
Homeland Spherus Magna
Occupation Vehicle pilot
Tools Cendox,
Thornax Launcher
Location Spherus Magna (Reformed)
Status Alive
Pronunciation crow-TEA-see-us
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Crotesius was an Agori of Vulcanus. He was a vehicle pilot and fought for the Fire Tribe.


Crotesius fought in the Core War for the Element Lord of Fire. After the Shattering, he ended up on Bara Magna. At some point, he became a vehicle pilot in the arena for the Fire Tribe, piloting a Cendox V1.

Later, he was assigned to prepare Arena Magna for the Great Tournament. He was doing this when Tarduk found a map in the sand, and on it was a Red Star. They decided to try to find the location the map led to. They were joined by Kirbold and started their journey.

After a few days of traveling, they found they were being followed by Wasteland Wolves and were given no choice but to follow them into their hive. There they met the former warrior Surel, who claimed ownership of the pack and warned them not to pass. The Element Lord of Ice caused a avalanche over the place, only to find that the Element Lord of Fire melted it. While the two Element Lords were battling, the expedition team continued to a place that was filled with trees, known as the Forest of Blades. Kirbold decided to return to Iconox after they discovered the trees were holding weapons. The two Agori then continued into the forest, only to be captured by the Element Lord of Jungle. Kirbold then returned, carrying a lit torch. After throwing it into the plants, the three Agori escaped and came up to a river. Eventually, all three were captured in the river, but none of them drowned. It was here that they met the Element Lord of Water. Soon, the water began to freeze, an attack by the Element Lord of Ice. They were saved by the Element Lord of Rock, who got them out of the river. After a brief discussion with the Element Lord of Rock, who disguised himself as Tarduk, they were allowed to go on, but only if they didn't remove any objects from the Valley of the Maze.

After traveling for a while, they found an archway called the Spirit's Wish. After going through it, the team was teleported back to the ruins of Arena Magna, and Crotesius eventually woke up. Eventually, he went back home and, at some point, told Mata Nui about the failed expedition.

He now lives on the reformed Spherus Magna.

Set information[]

Cendox V1

Crotesius riding his Cendox V1

  • Crotesius was released along with the Cendox V1 as set number 8992 in the July 2009. Together they contained 151 pieces, in which 15 are used to build Crotesius, including the life counter on his back.
  • Crotesius and the Cendox V1’s B.I.O. Code was C3ND0X.


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