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Cryoshell is a three-piece Danish band best known for their work for Lego BIONICLE commercials and short movies. The band consists of Christine Lorentzen (Lore) on vocals, Kasper Søderlund (Asp) on guitar and Mikkel Maltha (Kal) on keyboard and bass, all of who are referred to by their nicknames. Cryoshell was formed in 2007 when the members were employees of Advance, the creative agency hired by Lego, at the time. The first song they recorded was titled "Creeping In My Soul" and was used to help promote BIONICLE's Barraki toyline. Since then, the band has produced five songs for BIONICLE and released their debut album on June 7th, 2010 in Denmark, a worldwide release is planned.

Cryoshell have produced the following songs for BIONICLE's toyline-ups:

  • Creeping In My Soul - Used to help promote the Barraki toyline in Winter 2007.
  • Face Me - Used to help promote the Mahri toyline internationally in Summer 2007. Niels Brinck provided vocals.
  • Gravity Hurts - Used to help promote the Phantoka toyline in Winter 2008. Niels Brinck provided vocals. Also used in the BIONICLE 2001-2008 retrospective video. A music video followed.
  • Closer To The Truth - Used to help promote the Mistika toyline in Summer 2008. A music video followed.
  • Bye Bye Babylon - Used to help promote the Glatorian Legends toyline in Summer 2009. A music video followed. Also used as the soundtrack for BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn.
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Cryoshell on the set of Bye Bye Babylon music video.

From Summer 2009, Cryoshell became independent and released the following singles:

  • Bye Bye Babylon - An alternative version to the BIONICLE song. A music video followed its release.
  • Creeping In My Soul - A re-recorded version of the song released in 2007. A music video followed its release.