Ko-Metru is no place to climb. Slip and fall to your doom, sure, but not climb. The trick to catching Crystal Climbers is getting to them, since they favor the very highest points in a Knowledge Tower. Then, once you have them snagged with a spinner, make sure they don't fall off the tower - they make a heck of a mess down below.
Rahaga Iruini, BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts
Crystal Climber
Species Information
ColorsWhite, Grey, Black
WeaponsTheir teeth & claws
Species StatusAlive

Crystal Climbers were large Rahi that originated from Ko-Metru.


They lived atop Knowledge Towers in Metru Nui, in small, tight-knit groups (for they learned that if too many nested at once, the towers would cave in). They had sharp claws, a long tail for balance, and excellent night vision. Preying on the Ice Bats that nested in Knowledge Towers, Crystal Climbers were extremely hard to remove once they were settled in a good hunting area. As a result of this habit, they were considered pests. Once the Great Cataclysm struck and most Vahki were eliminated, the Rahi settled in the Knowledge Towers permanently.

They later migrated to Mount Ihu on Mata Nui.

It is unknown whether or not they migrated to Spherus Magna with the other Rahi.


  • The Crystal Climber model was designed by Jonathan Mastron.