Kopaka Mata Custom Bionicle Wiki is a real-life article

Custom Bionicle Wiki is not part of the BIONICLE storyline, which means that Custom Bionicle Wiki should not be used to support storyline details or other canon sources.

The Custom Bionicle Wiki is another BIONICLE Wikia wiki, though while this wiki is for only canon Bionicle information, the Custom Bionicle Wiki is only for fictional and fanon articles, such as articles for members' Bionicle set creations or fictional Bionicle locations.

Rules Concerning CBW[]

  • All fan fiction articles belong there, not on The Bionicle Wiki. Pages that are non-canon will be deleted without warning; repeated offenses will result in blocking and potentially permanent blocking (This does not apply to blogs).
  • Feel free to use interwiki links from CBW to The Bionicle Wiki on your pages there. This can be done by using [[wikia:c:bionicle:Toa|Toa]], for example, to link to the Toa page.
  • Do not, however, copy content onto CBW--they don't need information about the real Bionicle story, and it is likely that your copied content will be deleted there. Not to mention that if you are caught doing so, you will suffer the consequences on The Bionicle Wiki as well.