Dark Hunter Fortress
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Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsDark Hunters
LocationOdina, the Matoran Universe
MakutaNone (currently)
Vamprah (formerly)

The Dark Hunter Fortress was the Dark Hunters' prime headquarters, located on Odina.

The Dark Hunter Fortress was far away from Metru Nui. Little else is known about it, but it has a Dark Hunter training center, claimed to contain several Dark Hunter ghosts who failed "The Shadowed One".

The Toa Nuva infiltrated the fortress to claim the Staff of Artakha, but were captured in one of "The Shadowed One"'s traps. They were later freed, but only to do a job for "The Shadowed One": kill Roodaka for giving information on the Dark Hunters to the Brotherhood of Makuta. On the way out, Pohatu rigged the fortress to crumble to dust sometime within that hour. Reconstruction started soon after.

It is unknown if the fortress was ever completed before the Dark Hunters evacuated to Spherus Magna.


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