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Dark Hunters
Dark Hunters Information
Species AffliationVarious
AlliesVortixx, Order of Mata Nui (Formerly)
EnemiesBrotherhood of Makuta, Toa, Turaga, Matoran
Leader"The Shadowed One"
HomelandOdina, Xia
GoalNone; will do any job they are hired for
Picture beings with the power and the organization of the Toa, yet unfettered by their consciences or morality.
"The Shadowed One"

The Dark Hunters were an organization of bounty hunters, thieves, and warriors.

The Shadowed One

"The Shadowed One", leader of the Dark Hunters


The Dark Hunters were not exactly good or evil but rather amoral, taking any job that paid well enough. However, their practices were rather shadowy and violent, and they were often hired by evil groups such as the Brotherhood of Makuta. As such, they were often considered villains. Dark Hunters were generally at least as powerful as heroic Toa, and almost every Hunter had a story of when they killed a Toa on a mission. The Dark Hunters were led by a mysterious figure only known as "The Shadowed One".


The Dark Hunters were at the forefront of two major wars. The first was against the Toa: Turaga Dume had refused to let the Hunters build a base in Metru Nui so the Hunters attacked the city, and 300 Toa came to Metru Nui's defense. The traitorous Toa Nidhiki helped the Dark Hunters set a trap to defeat the Toa. However, Toa Lhikan found out and set a counter-trap that defeated the Hunters.

Shortly after the Great Cataclysm, another war was declared against the Brotherhood of Makuta after "The Shadowed One" discovered that Teridax had killed two Hunters, Nidhiki and Krekka. The war lasted for over a thousand years. The Dark Hunters fought using guerrilla war tactics compared to the larger armies used by the Brotherhood of Makuta. Roodaka was known to have played parts on both sides, though neither side knew she worked for the other.

At a time when relations between the Dark Hunters and the Brotherhood of Makuta were still good, the Hunters made up part of a Brotherhood army that included Visorak and Exo-Toa.

Later, The Order of Mata Nui recruited the Dark Hunters during the destiny War, though the exact results of this are unknown.



Unnamed members[]

  • Two Hunters had been tasked with monitoring "Vanisher". One had been assigned to monitor "Vanisher", while the other had been assigned to monitor "Vanisher" and his fellow observer.
  • Seven thousand years ago, a "tall, thin, winged figure" was tasked with stealing the Makoki stone, but sold his information to Hakann. Hakann got a partner, Vezok, and they stole the stone themselves, but were caught by other Hunters (at least "Ancient", possibly working with others) and brought in for recruitment. The winged Hunter was then executed in front of the two thieves and the other four future Piraka as a warning against betrayal.
  • A Dark Hunter who went to "Airwatcher's" homeland with a partner; killed by "Airwatcher".
  • Some Dark Hunters in ships around Zakaz; all killed by the Zyglak and Skakdi.
Dark Hunters
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