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Location Information
Primary Residents
Former ResidentsDe-Matoran
LocationNorthern Continent

De-Koro is the name given to a village on the Tren Krom Peninsula where De-Matoran lived. Krakua lived here before he became a Toa. The resident Matoran kept it very quiet there because, being De-Matoran, they had acute hearing and any loud noise could harm them. The Matoran there hated Toa, as Toa brought battles, and battles brought noise.

The village was later the scene of a small battle between Mazeka and Vultraz, who were both there searching for a Matoran by the name of Krakua. Vultraz unleashed a sonic blast device to incapacitate the villagers. Mazeka, who had gotten there just before the device had gone off, covered Krakua's audio receptors. Vultraz then attacked and battled Mazeka while Krakua was carried off by an invisible member of the Order of Mata Nui.

The Matoran of De-Koro evacuated the village to Spherus Magna after Teridax's death.

Known Residents

  • Krakua - Formerly; as a Matoran


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