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Destiny was one of the Three Virtues given to the Matoran by Mata Nui. It was the third one, and represented the being's purpose in life, the final goal. When a Toa completed their destiny, they could opt to become a Turaga or remain a Toa. Mata Nui decided a being's destiny, and the Great Beings decided his. Energized Protodermis could mutate or destroy a being depending on their destiny.

Ko-Koro derived their Principle of Peace from Destiny and often used a lot of time to meditate on it and study it. Especially the Architect had a special job for this.

Known Destinies

  • The Toa Mata's destiny was to awaken Mata Nui, and they were also destined to be transformed by energized protodermis.
  • The Toa Metru's destiny was to bring the Matoran of Metru Nui to the island of Mata Nui.
  • Tahu was destined to bear the Golden Armor.
  • Takua was destined to bear the Avohkii and transform into a Toa, face Makuta and help re-discover Metru Nui.
  • Lhikan's destiny was to pass on his power to the Toa Metru.
  • The Toa Mahri's destiny was to restore Mata Nui back to life, as was Jovan's Team; specifically, Matoro and a member of Jovan's team both had the destiny of being turned into energy and used to heal Mata Nui with the Ignika's power.
  • Vezon was attacked by energized protodermis, and, since he was destined to be mutated, the Kanohi Olmak he was wearing at that time was fused to his head.
  • Teridax and Takanuva were destined to be fused together by energized protodermis into Takutanuva.
  • The Piraka, a Zyglak, a Vortixx, and a Stelt worker were destined to be fused by Energized Protodermis into the Golden-Skinned Being.
  • Mata Nui and Teridax were destined to together reform Spherus Magna, with Teridax controlling the Great Spirit Robot while Mata Nui would inhabit another robot.
  • Energized Protodermis transformed several creatures in one of Teridax's lairs into mutated creatures, as a means of self-defense. However, these creatures were still destined to be transformed.
  • Some Av-Matoran who had lived out their lives were destined to transform into Bohrok.


  • The spot in the symbol of the Three Virtues that represents Destiny is the middle one.