Location Information
Primary ResidentsMakuta, Visorak, Rahkshi, Exo-Toa (all formerly)
Former Residents
LocationNorth-West of Southern Continent

Destral was a Brotherhood of Makuta base.


In the very beginning, Destral was used by the Brotherhood to create specimen of Rahi to populate the world. Many species of Rahi were created here, until later the Brotherhood's duty was changed into protecting the world from threats. The purpose of Destral was changed again after the Brotherhood's betrayal, and has since been the headquarters and command points for the ongoing wars, along with many experiments which are still being conducted. It has a large amount of Energized Protodermis (it had to for all of the Brotherhood's experiments)

Teridax also held his meeting here with the other Makuta to declare leadership of the brotherhood and discuss the plan to overthrow Mata Nui.

Much later the Order of Mata Nui attacked Destral and the entire island was at war with the order. In the end the order won and the island was completely destroyed and lay in ruins.

Takanuva and Pohatu later visited Destral in order to find some weapons. Since then, Takanuva has left for the Southern Islands, and eventually left the Matoran Universe to fight some Rahkshi that had escaped the Matoran Universe. Pohatu most likely stayed behind but later left as well.


Formerly a place of light, now a location of darkness and greed. Destral is the largest of the infamous bases of the Brotherhood of Makuta. The fortress takes up almost all of the islands mass, with only a small bare patch on the southern shore. The beaches are filled with patrolling Visorak and Rahkshi. Although Destral does not seem to be barricading itself from visitors, it is filled with hidden weapons and traps. There is also a huge fortress that covers almost the entire island and is the brotherhood's largest base. It is filled with libraries, workshops, laboratories, prisons and a convention chamber.


  • The Brotherhood of Makuta once tried using a part of Xia's Mountain for security, but later abandoned the project when it got a taste for Visorak.
  • Makuta Teridax destroyed Destral after he seized power in the universe, and killed any Makuta that were there at the time.


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