Episode 3 of LEGO BIONICLE: The Journey to One.

Destroyer's Game 1
The endgame has begun.
— Makuta to Umarak.

After the events caused not a long ago, Makuta is out for vengeance. With mind controlling Umarak he orders him to bring the pieces of the shattered forbidden mask and raise a shadow horde. The Toa in the City of the Mask Makers are battling the elemental beasts while Umarak is on his way to open a portal to the Shadow Realm.


Destroyer's Game 3

Umarak is seen talking to Makuta about raising a shadow army of elemental beasts. Umarak suggests that he leads them later but Makuta says no and that he needs to go find the pieces of the Mask of Ultimate Power. Umarak then uses his powers that were given to him by the Mask of Control and opens elemental portals in every region around Okoto.

Destroyer's Game 7
Destroyer's Game 12

it is then revealed that the elemental beasts are actually Shadow Traps mutated by the elemental portals. Toa are seen wandering around the Jungle region while suddenly they see a lightning bolt in the sky caused by Umarak. Tahu climbs up a rock wall and sees that Lewa's village was under attack.

Destroyer's Game 13

They assume it was Umarak but Tahu says it was a lava army. Pohatu feels guilty because it was his fault for losing the mask, Kopaka yells at him that it indeed was his fault. Tahu swoops in and stops their argument by saying Pohatu did the right choice of saving Ketar. Toa go to the City of Mask Makers to warn the villagers that the shadow horde is attacking. Toa arrive in the Mask Maker's City and head over to the Forge in search of Ekimu to bring him the bad news. After Pohatu still feels sorry for losing the mask, Ekimu tells him it's alright and that it was stated like that in the prophecies. Suddenly a horn is heard as the city is under attack. Toa quickly run off to protect it from the beasts. A catapult shoots a boulder and it crashes the Storm Beasts, Kopaka says that this should be easy while Lewa says it's never easy.

Destroyer's Game 26

After multiple fight scenes, Toa fight off the beasts with confusion that they were just a distraction while Onua goes off to Ekimu. Ekimu watches this from his tower at the top of the City Forge and discusses with Onua how and why attack the city when the object is to awaken Makuta. Then they come to a conclusion that it infact was just a distraction.

Destroyer's Game 29

Ekimu calls his eagle Agil that is later revealed to be Creature of Light, and Ekimu transforms into his powerful armor like the Toa.

Ekimu's transformation

Ekimu joins the Toa and they compliment his new appearance. Ekimu tells them that Agil is creature of light and Gali asks if that means that Ekimu is the Toa of Light to which he answers no, he is just a mask maker. Toa and Ekimu then go to find Umarak and stop him from opening to portal to Shadow Realm. Ekimu tells the Toa that creature of light can show the vision if a person watches it in the eyes.

Destroyer's Game 34

Agil shares a vision of where he saw Umarak and Toa start their way to find him. Episode ends with Umarak successfully opening the portal, Ekimu and the Toa in fear.

Official Description[]

Drawing new power from the Mask of Control, Umarak raises an army of beasts to keep the Toa busy while he tries to open a portal to the Shadow Realm.


  • Before the Shadow Traps enter the water portals, the backround Shadow Traps are normal. However when the foreground Shadow Traps ecome Storm Beasts, the backround Shadow Traps are also now Storm Beasts.