Doom Viper
Doom Viper
Species Information
ColorsBlue, brown, white, green, red, black
WeaponsToxic breath and fangs
Species StatusUnknown
I cannot stand by and watch something even this repulsive fall to the Visorak. Capturing a Doom Viper means keeping your distance and making sure it is unconscious before going near. Bomonga discovered a few stasis tubes still intact in the Archives, so I am keeping these monsters stored in them, where I hope they will stay forever.
— Toa Norik, BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts

Doom Vipers were six headed snake-like Rahi created by Makuta Chirox. They had toxic breath that could kill any forms of life, with the exception of others of their kind. They got into Ga-Metru once by way of a merchant ship that arrived from a distant land. Curiously, it was unmanned, but by the time that this was discovered, the Doom Vipers had slithered their way out of the ghost ship onto the island. Due to the toxic breath, only mechanical beings like Vahki had much success against them.

The Visorak had little success capturing them, as their venom weakened the webbing, so the Visorak trapped them in enclosed places and sealed them. Sometimes other Rahi unearthed these tombs to find the Doom Viper alive. The same could not be said for the rescuer.

On their return to Metru Nui, the Toa Nuva defeated several Doom Vipers by using their Kakama Nuva to confuse them and defeat them. Most of the Doom Vipers were then locked in Stasis Tubes in the Archives.

One specimen tried to kill the Voya Nui Resistance Team, but was stopped by Brutaka, who created a vortex with his Kanohi Olmak that trapped it and teleported it over a pool of lava.


  • The Doom Viper model was designed by Allen Proulx.