Drill of Onua
MNOLG-Drill of Onua
Weapon Information
FunctionDetect Kofo-Jaga nests
User(s)Turaga Whenua
StatusIn use

Usually, Whenua uses his special drill to detect these nests before they are opened.
Onepu, Mata Nui Online Game

The Drill of Onua was Turaga Whenua's Badge of Office. It was originally the Earthshock Drills he used during his time as Toa, but they were transformed into a single staff when he became a Turaga.

Shortly before the arrival of the Toa Mata, the drill was stolen by Teridax's infected Rahi and hidden in Po-Wahi. Takua later recovered it during his quest for the Toa Stones and returned it to Whenua.

Example Usage[]

During the Great War, Whenua used the Drill of Onua to find Kofo-Jaga nests before they were stumbled upon by miners.

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