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Duty was the second of the Three Virtues, given to Mata Nui by the Great Beings and passed to the Matoran by Mata Nui. The virtue of Duty stressed doing one's job with responsibility and diligence.

The Le-Matoran derived their principle of Faith from the virtues of Unity and Duty, the Onu-Matoran derived their principle of Prosperity from the virtues of Duty and Destiny, and the Ta-Matoran derived their principle of Courage from the virtue of Duty.

Known Duties[]

Almost every being in the Matoran Universe had a duty to serve.

  • The duty of the Matoran of Metru Nui was to work their everyday jobs to the best of their ability.
  • A Toa's duty was to defend the Matoran.
  • Toa Hagah were given the duty to defend the Makuta the Brotherhood assigned to them.
  • A Turaga's duty was to lead a Matoran village, or "Koro".
  • The initial duty of the Brotherhood of Makuta was to create Rahi to populate the Matoran Universe.
  • The Av-Matoran were, at one point, given the duty of preparing Karda Nui for Mata Nui's mission.
  • It was the duty of the Bahrag to lead the Bohrok.
  • The duty of the Bohrok was to cleanse the camouflage formed over Mata Nui's face.
  • The duty of the Bohrok-Kal was to save the Bahrag in case they were trapped.
  • Mata Nui's duty was to observe the galaxy, so he could be prepared to reform Spherus Magna stably.
  • It was the duty of the Order of Mata Nui to carry out the will of Mata Nui.
  • The Hand of Artakha, before disbanding, had the duty of keeping the Matoran safe.
  • Tren Krom was created with the duty of overseeing the Matoran Universe while it was still under construction.
  • The Barraki were initially created to keep order in the Matoran Universe, before becoming corrupt.
  • It was the duty of Karzahni to repair Matoran that were sent to his realm.
  • Sidorak and Roodaka had the duty of leading the Brotherhood of Makuta's Visorak horde.
  • Hydraxon and the Maxilos Robots were given the duty of guarding the Pit and, if necessary, catching escaped prisoners.
  • Axonn, Brutaka, Umbra, Vezon and Fenrakk/Kardas Dragon, Protodax, and Irnakk had the duty of serving as guardians for the Ignika on Voya Nui.
  • The Chronicler had the duty of recording important events in the Matoran Universe.


  • On the symbol of the Three Virtues, Duty was the spot on the left.