Earth Shield
Set Earth Shield
Weapon Information
PowerWeakening earth
User(s)The Nuhvok
StatusNot in use

Earth Shields were the pair of tools carried and wielded by the Bohrok subspecies of Nuhvok. These tools gave its Nuhvok the ability to weaken dirt and soil, allowing them to dig their network of tunnels under Mata Nui. Ultimately, the shields' purpose was to help wipe clean the island of Mata Nui, and to be used for offensive and defensive combat if needed.

Example Usage[]

In Comic 4: The Bohrok Awake, a Nuhvok was seen to use its Earth Shield to dig a tunnel.

Set Information[]

Earth Shield

A animated version of the shield

  • The Earth Shields were first included in the Nuhvok 2002 set, as a pair of weapons.
  • An Earth Shield was also included in the Nuhvok Va 2002 set, as part of the Bohrok Va's head.
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