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Eccentric Rock
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Weapon Information
FunctionExploding into a sticky Protodermis cage
User(s)Matoran of Metru Nui, Vahki, Brotherhood of Makuta
StatusIn use

The Eccentric Rock was a weapon made on Xia by the Vortixx. It was a special type of rock filled with sticky Protodermis.


The Eccentric Rock was a weapon developed using modified rock material. The weapon was made to resemble a rock, but had a hollow center which contained a type of sticky Protodermis that, when fired at a target, the Eccentric Rock would explode, splatting the sticky Protodermis around the target and creating a cage which trapped the target. It was primarily used by the Matoran and Vahki of Metru Nui to trap Rahi before being placed in Stasis Tubes prior to the Great Cataclysm. The Eccentric Rocks were generally small, no bigger than a fist. A larger type of the Eccentric Rock was developed under the request of the Brotherhood of Makuta, which was the size of a boulder and used to trap opponents during battles. The larger type of Eccentric Rock was named the "Eccentric Boulder". Because of its small size, the Eccentric Rock could only contain a small amount of sticky protodermis, which meant multiple rocks needed to be used when Archivists tried to contain large Rahi. The rocks were normally thrown at their targets, although the larger Eccentric Boulder could be launched using catapults. The effects of the sticky Protodermis normally lasted for 1 hour before the cage dissolved, though this depended on the quantity of the protodermis used.


  • The Eccentric Rock was made by BZPower member Bioran23.
  • Greg Farshtey did not canonize the history of the Eccentric Rock. Only its function and appearance were made canon.
  • The Eccentric Rock was given its particular name for the strange and eccentric shapes of the cages which it produced.
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