Do you know how it feels to drown, villager? To feel your lungs fill up with water and your vision go black? I could make you feel that a thousand times, and worse, never knowing when you will be allowed to finally die.
— The Element Lord of Water, Riddle of the Great Beings
Element Lord of Water
AOSR Element Lord of Water
Biographical Information
Species Glatorian (Formerly)
Group Water Tribe,
Element Lords
Mask None
Colors Blue
Element/Powers Water
Homeland Spherus Magna
Occupation Leader of the Water Tribe (Formerly)
Tools Unknown
Location Spherus Magna (Reformed)
Status Alive
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The Element Lord of Water was a former member of the Glatorian species and one of the seven Element Lords on Spherus Magna. He had mastery over the element of Water.


The Element Lord of Water was created by the Great Beings over one hundred thousand years ago, by mutating a warrior from the Water Tribe to lead his respective tribe. He led the Water Tribe's army into battle during the Core War. After the Shattering ended, he ended up trapped on the remnant planetoid Bara Magna.

He continued to fight the other Element Lords even after the war was over. When Tarduk, Crotesius, and Kirbold were trying to solve the mystery of the Valley of the Maze, they ran into the Element Lord of Water, who forced them underwater, but allowed them to breathe. He then asked for the route. The conversation then turned into an argument. Finally, they had reached an agreement, but the Element Lord of Ice started freezing the river they were in before a compromise could be made. The Element Lord of Water had made it out, and the three Agori were rescued by the Element Lord of Rock.

It is unknown what happened to him next, but he was last known to be living on Spherus Magna.

Abilities and Traits[]

The Element Lord of Water possessed the ability to create and control water.


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