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Elemental Crystals are repositories of Elemental Power found on Okoto, with six varieties of crystal reflecting the six regions of the island.


Ekimu and Makuta used the crystals to imbue the masks that they forged with Elemental Power, with an ancient law prohibiting the use of more than one element on a single mask. Around the same time that Ekimu used crystals that he had collected to forge new masks for the group of Protectors that included Agarak, Makuta broke this law in an effort to create masks that would be more highly favored than Ekimu's. When this led to disaster, Makuta failed to learn from his experience. He stole the crystals Ekimu had used in order to combine them with his masks, which he recycled to create the Mask of Ultimate Power. While he was doing this, Ekimu and the Protectors obtained even more powerful crystals from the Elemental Creatures, which Ekimu used to grant power to the Golden Masks of Power destined to be worn by the Toa.